Thursday, July 4, 2019

University students work twice to earn their tuition in 1972

University students in Ontario have been working for nearly 18 weeks in the minimum wage to pay a one-year tuition of $ 7,259 - about twice as much as their parents would have to work in 1972, says the new CCAC data center.

Canada's clear interactive map released Tuesday by the CCPA shows the number of weeks, months, and - in the more profound professional programs such as dentistry and medicine - the year that students have to work for higher education across Canada,

Alastair Woods, president of the Canadian Student Association of Ontario, said: "This shows that my production does not have the hard time paying the tuition fees for secondary education and the length of the pupil to pay for it.

By clicking on the province and the particular projects shown on the map, viewers can see an increase in the cost of a level above 40 years, both
In dollars and hours the student will have to work in the low paid wage. In Ontario, compared to how many hours they had to pay to pay in 1972;

Artists currently have to work 572 hours in the minimum wage to pay an average grade of $ 5,866 - almost nearly two hours;
Business students must work 865 hours in the minimum wage to pay $ 8,865 - more than two hours;
Engineering technicians must work 969 hours to pay $ 9,929 - more than double the hours;
Law students now have to work 1,389 hours to pay their tuition of about $ 14,238 - almost five times the number of hours;
Medical students must work 2,112 hours to pay an average of $ 21,648 - almost five times the number of hours;

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