Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Tiffin Girls' 6th model offers a unique educational experience that prepares students for entry into the A-level and future life of the University while fully participating in the global contribution.

The sixth form students have a lot of opportunities to enhance their academic and social experiences over two years, and many are involved in charity and not for profitable businesses. They compete nationally in the Young Investors Program of the UK 2013, Achieving the Duke of Edinburgh Silver and Gold Awards, participating in the United Nations and other associations and associations. Student's students are actively supported and students form Sixth is a leader of students, directors, co-workers and mentors for students in the school.

Outstanding results at an advanced level given by students in a variety of subjects are evidence of their abilities, their hard work and their teacher's expertise. By 2018, 37% of all grades in A are A *, 74% in A * / A and 92% at A * / B.

The top sixth form of our Sixth Form students is really impressive, with 22 students attending Oxford or Cambridge University in 2018, 72% of students are enrolled in their chosen college and 69% of campuses (not Oxbridge). This is incredible success, especially with the high competitiveness and institutions that Tiffin Girls' 6th students use. All six students in the form are personally supported in the university entrance process, with teams and senior staff run by our senior academic coordinator. Students can choose to study abroad and we have Tiffin students studying at Lafayette College, Harvard, New York and Washington, and the University of Groningen in the Netherlands in recent years. Girls continue to study in highly educated institutions for selected courses such as St Martins for Arts.

Providing high quality pastoral care is a priority in Figure 6 and led by Assistant Headteacher, who is the Deputy Director of the Sixth Form. Pastoral courses focus on preparing students for their lives after school while ensuring support is within two very important years. The broader outreach of the external speakers provides a broader understanding of society and future work, to a highly skilled young woman who is specially prepared for the next steps in education and employment in the future.

The Embassy of the Embassy of the United States, opened in 2012. It was designed with student involvement and located in the center of the school, providing quiet education and more than two-story social spaces.

If you are interested in applying for a sixth place at Tiffin Girls' School, click here.

* Russell Group: Russell Group represents 24 leading universities committed to maintaining the best research, learning and learning excellence and the inefficiencies associated with business and public sector.

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