Thursday, July 4, 2019

This University of Pakistan has banned girls bathing from the bedroom and it's very confusing!

In Pakistan, the number of students enrolled at the university selects hotels, girls, girls or men. Many students are enrolled in other cities, which means moving from their permanent place and fixing elsewhere. The apartment and shelter, over the years, have given us a lot of confusing equipment, but notice from the University has made a lot of interesting things.

The University of Islamic University of Islamabad has issued a notice of driving students and the Internet. For the first time, the College has issued a notice prohibiting the sharing of bedding at the college girls' hotel. Notice dated 20-4-17, under the title of the Order of the Office, said:

All guest houses have been informed that bed sharing is strictly prohibited in the hotel's hotel. Any student who meets a bed with his / her sister (sleeping, sitting in a bed / bed) will be charged a lot. Residential Hosts are directed to the appropriate / appropriate distance between their beds (at least 2 feet). "

Now, first, all is wrong because of all the things that sound ... How is the college administration thinking before getting this warning? Choosing the word in the official order of the office is the most difficult and most, especially. The negative effect that the words say in the first line says everything is wrong with the order itself.

If the college has an example that students can understand in an unacceptable behavior, the first is good enough to ban girls from bedding. If the problem is so important, the college administration must create a separate room for students to cut their suspicions. However, the second paragraph, which talks about students sitting or sleeping in bed with other students, friends - even though they are charged a lot.

Nowadays, when the college administration talks about the appropriate distance between the girls 'beds of about two feet old, the question is whether they will sit in a girls' room at night to check that the distance is less than two feet in the same bed? Or they install a CCTV camera in a girl's room to make sure they do not sleep on the same bed.

Notice, basically, there is no sense. If the university is in trouble, it is advisable to provide advice to students for any matter. Admitting a notice so that the topic that is bound to go public just ruins the image of the college. The ban on this confusion in the girls' beds at the hostel is carried around in social media and people have no idea. We all just so complicated.

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