Thursday, July 4, 2019

The University of Zimbabwe was convicted of banning kissing

Student students told the BBC that banning prisoners held by the University of Zimbabwe was "meaningless".

Information from college officials says the "arrested in close positions" in the Harare area will be punished.

"At this age I say I can not kiss or smite someone ... is unreasonable," Tsitsi Mazikana said.

The University does not comment on student judgment against the rules.

It was issued at the beginning of the new academic year as part of the "inappropriate practices that drew immediate expulsion from housing."

The list of 11 points also includes a ban on squatters and processed in the bedroom.

Fourth, in the list of behaviors that will affect the discharge, say: "Being caught in a close position (kissing or having sex for public places)".

Ms. Mazikana, who represents the student's gender roles, says the university has strict rules for those who have sex with the opposite sex.

For example, villagers are allowed to stay in the room and are not allowed after 22:00.

Ms. Mazikana said that banning a legal view of what to do with those who control students "is not satisfied with the way they are working at the university."

"If they say something rational, they will not put condoms in the hotel and stay in the clinic, but ... kissing and hugging - there's nothing injustice about this."

The Zimbabwe National University Student Union (Zinasu) says college management has a habit of creating unofficial rules without consulting with students.

The Federation has filed a lawsuit against the prohibition of kissing campus, Zinasu Maposa said, referring to a project focusing on Africa's program.

There are strict laws that interfere with the student's right to demonstrate - presented in 1997 - causing fear of being denied.

The BBC's Brian Hungwe in Harare says students often force college officials not to touch children.

Beer was banned in college over the past seven years, which proved to be very disappointing.

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