Wednesday, July 3, 2019

The University of HULL's University offers opportunities for primary education

Book now for our evening on Wednesday, February 27, 2019.

From business to science, international law for health and social care - the next open-air evening in the university will provide insights into the different options in the bachelor's degree.

"We recognize that it may be difficult to decide whether it is the right time to take on further education," said Martina Novotna, a postgraduate manager of Hull University. "We want to invite those who consider it an option - come our evening on Wednesday, February 27th.

"There are many who ask themselves, 'Is it for me? Is the right time? Will it enhance my career prospects? What is the difference between a master program and a Ph.D.? Can I continue to study again?

"It is our real hope that by joining in the open season, we will be able to help future learners to make decisions, one that makes them feel confident about their future, and are happy to act in the way they choose."

In the afternoon of post-graduate service, students will have the ability to research the ways in which college research can help them stand in their area.

They will be able to investigate the benefits of further education in the Hull, where they will:

Benefits of Connecting Universities to Industry, Government, Research Agencies, including our Six Year Collaboration with Team GB.
Learn the skills of relevant employment (including information technology and communication skills) as part of the project - Enhance your knowledge of the specialist.
Get tips and job opportunities such as CV workshops, mock interviews from our jobs and services that are universally recognized for their excellence.
Access to value-added networks - for example, through our online platform, bringing students closer to 85,000 of our global student network.
Can make friends and fit in - Our entire college and different is home to about 16,000 students from more than 100 countries.

"At Hull, you will find a friendly environment, cheaper than other cities, have the best library you can imagine."

Noureldin Noureldin, MSc Marketing Management, University of Hull
Noureldin Noureldin, who chose Hull to study for a master in marketing management, said:

"At Hull, you will find a friendly environment, cheaper price compared to other cities, has the best library you can imagine.

"There is a real sense of community here - it's different to other universities." Everything is in one campus - and it's really friendly.

"Although the university is the oldest 14-year-old in England - and has a great sense of heritage - it also has a lot of investment in libraries, health clinics, art galleries and sports venues for you to be modern and traditional -

In the opening night of the Brynmor Jones Library on Wednesday, February 27 will offer students and their families the opportunity to visit our campus, research our subjects, meet with teachers and students, ask questions, find out more about accommodation, different financial options, including finance and postgraduate loans.

Hull University has a prize money award for the excellent teaching program in 2017 and is located in 50 British institutions for energy research.

To find out more about postgraduate education, please visit our website or bookstore in the evenings.

* Times Higher Education

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