Wednesday, July 3, 2019

The University of Delhi examines the reality of girls' policy

In an effort to bring attention to female students, the University of Delhi first called on the College to provide information on the relaxed relaxation methods given to girls in the years to come. When they have information, the university will check and see how many children benefit from this policy.

The move may also have a negative impact as it may reduce the number of seats available for girls, while those universities do not exhaust their seats for girls, as the conditions are, will be asked to make plans. Encouraging acceptance of 54,000 bachelor's students across 60 colleges each year.

"We want to see that many female students benefit from licensing, the college will have to provide information and information based on information, the college will decide on the final." Nachiketa Singh, a member of the DU Certification Committee, told Mail Today.

The school season will start on May 25 and the first cut will be held on June 22. The technical workshop will begin on August 16. There are 16 Girls College at the University of Delhi.

"The University is interested in finding students attending their graduation standards. If the student is not accepted, then,

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