Thursday, July 4, 2019

The majority of university students work in the summer, during fear of higher education and graduate work competitions.

The survey was conducted in the summer with increased tuition fees, loan repayment and loan repayment to the poorest student in the UK.

Most students have lost their summer jobs to worry about getting their work experience due to higher education costs and greater competition for finishing education.

Almost four out of five students - 79 percent - say that compared with their previous years, they were under more pressure than ever to spend on their valuable employment - and that's just if they could find it.
The survey, * from a lender of a specialist finance loan, has found just over a quarter of the feeling that they need to work to get the most needed experience, 24% feel forced to work only to pay and pay for daily living expenses. "Another 17 percent have worked this summer to pay their living expenses next year.
Almost as much as they expect to save between £ 500 and £ 2,000 to cover the cost or living costs. In regular hours, only £ 6 to £ 8 per hour, more than half of the students - 57 percent - Estimated earnings, this indicates that at least 83 hours of pay will be deducted to meet the £ 500 goal. To reach £ 2,000, students will have to pay a higher wage of 333 hours. 17% say they will work from 31 to 40 hours a week, and the other three say they will work there 21 to 30 hours.

A second-year psychologist says that summer vacation education is a priority for her to gain a job experience that will help her future work. However, she says: "But it can find hard work that is relevant to your level, in your area, well paid, and temporary or short-term." Many jobs require special experience, or they tend to be permanent, which students can not afford, so it feels that there is a really strong competition for the least amount of work. "

Brian Norton, the CEO of the Future of Finance, describes how the summer of summer is "important time" for students and says: "It is a matter of concern that many students may lose all summer after a tough year of education, due to the current cost pressures they feel.

"There is no doubt students are facing a more competitive work environment than today." The hot, interesting work on history makes it much easier to be noticed when applying for a job after graduation but it is equally important that they get a break and a time off, so they have three Beginning the next year of college and focusing on

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