Thursday, July 4, 2019

Pakistani British Student Durham College Law School Examination

ISLAMABAD: Pakistani girls, admired from Mianwali's Namal Valley, secured their first competition in the 2017 Durham School of Law competition, which has been competing with hundreds of students from around the world.

Maham Malik, a former student at Froebel's Islamabad International Airport, once again brought the athlete to her school, where she made her a great grade, while the first seat in English in the country.

She moved to study the law at one of the fifteen UK universities, Law School of Durham in England.

Andman Hayward, a specialist at the University of Durham, said in a statement: "Celebrating Maham's success - it's a great achievement and a solid proof of your hard work in your education."

Durham University also awarded a small amount of money in addition to financial awards from the UK Law School, recognizing her hard work as the first woman to attend the annual college contest.

Asking about her motivation, Maham says it is her desire to become a lawyer and serve the country.

The Durham Law School is a global leader in legal studies and research, and attracts about 17,500 students of all levels.

According to data available on the college website, about 21% of students are not English origin, and there are approximately 150 staff members and students from around the world.

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