Wednesday, July 3, 2019

No longer training for work "Blue Collar"

The US Department of Labor is proposing to expand and advance to develop high quality training programs run by business groups, universities and other entities. The Labor Department has also announced a total of US $ 18.38 million in membership through a strategy in the field. The "income as you learn" model helps people gain skills without attracting any students, in the "white" industry, where history does not emphasize training.

Since January 2017, over 500,000 people have been enrolled in registered work programs with the Department of Labor or State Partnership. Only a few industries, such as building and military construction, have used a form of learning that has been invested. Trump's management is offering a second training format, Apprenticeship that is recognized by the industry, which will enhance and encourage training and training,

Despite the growing current job market, there are more than 7.4 million open jobs that are more open than job seekers. Businesses looking for these positions are looking for ways to empower skilled labor in the needs of employers. For more white companies, this means two-year students and non-undergraduate students. Savings from low wages can be used to pay for training programs for other levels of education or other useful experiences, helping to close the gap created by the college that can not train the graduates with job skills. The Chicago ladder is "in front of a small but growing movement that has changed the way some students approach white jobs," said The Chronicle of Higher Education. Local community associations and technical colleges such as Harper College and Chicago College School give students access to consultations and financial companies such as Accenture and Aon.

The Department of Labor will receive US $ 183 million in grant funding for educational institutions to "develop and expand training through collaboration with appropriate funding companies" in the areas of inadequate or non-existent sectors such as technology, health care and advanced production. IRAPs are funded by the H-1B, instead of the federal government. The funds will be allocated to 23 qualified educational institutions, making the middle class accessible to learn and not just passing four years of college.

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