Wednesday, July 3, 2019

More Cuban girls graduated from secondary schools and went to university

US President Barack Obama is expected to be in contact with Havana for about an hour.

This is a family as well as a state visit to Cuba.

Lady Michelle Obama and her two daughters will also travel on Air Force One aircraft.

She is a strong supporter of girls' education and women's rights.

Reports of CCTV America of Michael Voss, these are the issues that the Cuban government is still passionate about.

Cubans hate themselves in their free education system and, like many countries where girls access equally, they often do better than boys.
More Cuban girls graduated from secondary schools and went to university.
Marta Nunez was in high school when Fidel Castro came to power and she participated in public reading campaigns in 1961. Thousands of schools and universities were sent across the country to teach everyone to read and write.

Today, Cuba has a higher literacy rate in the United States, and according to Marta Nunez, about 60% of Cuban specialists are women.

Isora O'Farill, University College is also responsible for the Cuban language course on television. She grew up in a sugar plantation, her father was a lawn mower and her message to Michelle Obama

Cuba did not claim that it was widely dissolved by racism or sexism. But it does not believe that through free education, everyone has the same opportunity to achieve their goals.

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