Thursday, July 4, 2019

How to contact friends at school at college

You may create a new group of college friends but chances are that you will miss your friends from home - even if they are still at home or going to school. After all, you probably know them for years and spend most of your old years with them. They are your original team!

It may be hard to live far away from people you like to spend time, and phone calls and odd message messages do not cut it. So, how can you maintain your friendship while you live far away? Follow our simple tips below

Establish a social media group

If you have a group of friends in school, instead of each friend, group discussion is a good idea - whether it's a WhatsApp group, a Facebook group, or even an email group. This way, no one felt they were missing because you all saw the whole message. On the contrary, if you are a leader, you may have a sense of consistency! Find out what works for you and your spouse.

Visit each one
You do not have to worry about returning home for a holiday, but it may be a long time during a holiday break, which means you will not see your friends at home for the same month at the same time. Why not plan a few times to visit and travel to find friends from home over time? Meet them in the middle and have a night in a new city or a new city together, or take time to visit each other in your pupils. Money for others is you have met their new friends and put the face you hear about.

Choose an annual holiday to meet

One way to ensure that your school or university friends at least once a year is to make everyone fall on the first day of the year you share. The Christmas anniversary can be a good idea, because you will all be home from your university town to visit your family. Bank holidays are another great alternative to no provisions. On whatever date you decide, follow it!

Write them letters
This may seem old, but many studies have discovered that people know the time and effort to be sent to anyone sending them a letter rather than an email. The written text in your hand is more personal. So, put a pen in paper today and surprise your best friend with the letter. Do not let your letter be too long, as you will put pressure on the recipient to write the same message, and may give them the answer - not just two words!

Share a music playlist or set up a book club

If you're related to music, how better is it to connect with your friends with a shared list? Both of you can add your new song as an advanced year, keeping up with what your friends enjoy while offering your own advice at the same time. If you have a lot of books, make a book between you and your friends - then you can read the same book at the same time and discuss it later.

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