Thursday, July 4, 2019

Empowering women and girls in Pakistan

Pakistan is ranked the second worst country in the world for gender equality in the second consecutive year. The World Economic Forum says Pakistan has a 143-degree disadvantage with 0.556 points of research. In developing countries like us, instead of enabling each individual's potential, many face a dilemma about what women need to do. But for now, the United Nations' theme for International Women's Day has introduced an advertisement called "Be Bold for Change" and CIRCLE to build on this topic to encourage Pakistan to voice and raise the voice of gender equality.

The CIRCLE presentation is a social organization focusing on the economic empowerment of women with a mission to develop and empower women's entrepreneurship and leadership. They use the most interesting way is their idea of ​​investing in women is today's modern economic business! As women grow, happy families and nations are advancing.

On March 8, CIRCLE held a conference meeting at Alliance Francaise in Karachi to make youth a symbol of social change. The six women are: Founder Sheops Nadia Patel Gangjee, founder of Goats For Fariel Salahuddin, Co-Founder Sehat Kahani Dr Sara Khurram, Amna Chaudhry Part of Girls at Dhaba Group, Misha Founder Misha Rizvi Productions and Sadaffe Abid founded their CIRCLE pitched initiative to encourage others. In addition, CIRCLE has also launched a chapter in 6 universities across Pakistan to provide youth production to #BeBoldForChange and support women's empowerment. Universities including NED, Habib University, LUMS, UET Faisalabad, Lahore School of Economics, Lyceum and COMSATS.

Speaking to the audience, DrAyeha Khan, Executive Director of Acumen, advised the women, "Women need to be brave, they need to think seriously." The event ended with personal interviewing and #BeBoldForChange - making women more responsible for leading their company through legal process!

The winner, Emmy Misha Rizvi, said, 'It is best to spend the evening talking about a clear procedure for gender equality, to accept personal commitment. The CIRCLE event helped me set my filmmaking goal to tell stories about women. Diversity in this room is a very interesting thing, where many men are aware of the gender security of the system and have promised to be part of them.

CIRCE launched this March as 'Strong, Strongest Women of Pakistan' Advertising with Pakistan's Human to:

1) Show the world of strength, creativity and desire of Pakistani women.

2) Create a role model for young women in Pakistan and beyond

3) Inspire men and women to support women's progress so that Pakistan can be achieved.

Join CIRCLE in the voices of the 13 women they emphasize by sharing their courageous stories in social media using #CelebrateHer - Tell the world about Pakistani women!

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