Wednesday, July 3, 2019


According to the details, the body of the missing girl earlier this week was found in the canal on Wednesday.

According to the hospital doctor where the body exam was conducted, she was raped and threatened before being killed. The victim is a student of English literature at the University College of the United States, Faisalabad. University students have protested against this incident despite the safety at varsity root out of the protest camp. The students expressed their anger at the incident and said that if this event continued, they would focus on their education.

They called for the authorities to monitor the relevant staff and said they would not sit quietly, unless those behind it were not arrested. Social media has also acted in anger at a scandalous event with the latest GC college students and Justice for Abida in Pakistan on Twitter after people raised issues on the internet site.

Suspects were arrested

They called on governments and officials not only to arrest prisoners behind this terrible crime but also to assure women.

At the same time, the police arrested three people about suspicion of their involvement in this case and they were all in the vicinity of the female student killed.

They were moved to an unidentified location for further investigation.

God's commandments

The father of the girl, told the media on Thursday that his daughter had left college after attending school, but did not return home.

"I and my relatives were worried and searched for her, but nothing happened." Then I went to Gulberg Police for Case Registration, but SHO not only denied my claim, but I also used the language that I could not speak. "I asked for help from the Athar Ismail Police Officer. But the CPO does not know whether to fight against the SHO or to ensure the registration of the case, "Ali said, overcome with emotion when referring to his discomfort.

The father of the girl spoke to the observer that they saw a few people in the car close to the university.

SHO Suspended, Inquiry Order

CPO has suspended Gulberg SHO for delays in case registration. The department's investigation into the incident has begun against his. Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has sought a report on this. CPO has set up two teams to monitor and arrest prisoners.

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