Wednesday, July 3, 2019

China warns students for education in the United States

The Ministry of Education has warned its students about education in the United States to study abroad for the first time this year. Students have been advised to "get ready" due to the difficulty of getting a visa since "the visa review period has been extended, the correct time is reduced and the cancellation rate has increased."

Last year, the United States reduced the visa period for graduates in China to STEM Bang from 5 years to 1 year, according to higher education. In other fields, the United States has reportedly waived visas for Chinese academics associated with the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, which chronicled the Chinese government, and many universities closed the Confucius Institute of China, saying they were "a platform for Chinese advertising." Moreover, the White House criticized China-America. Research collaboration between amid concerns of deception and intellectual property by Chinese students and intellectuals.

According to the Ministry, strict regulations have been allegedly affecting the ability of Chinese students to perform normal or successful behavior for students in US statistics, showing that the number of Chinese students studying in the United States has not decreased; There is a 2% increase in bachelor degree students and a 4% increase in graduate students from autumn 2017 to 2018. US universities benefit from tuition fees, as well as the attitudes and skills they bring to school.

According to the US Department of Foreign Affairs, "the United States has denied any unjustified accusations of broader advertising and has no grounds to refuse Chinese visas," and that "we welcome Chinese students and students to the United States to carry out proper educational activities".

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