Thursday, July 4, 2019

The University of Zimbabwe was convicted of banning kissing

Student students told the BBC that banning prisoners held by the University of Zimbabwe was "meaningless".

Information from college officials says the "arrested in close positions" in the Harare area will be punished.

"At this age I say I can not kiss or smite someone ... is unreasonable," Tsitsi Mazikana said.

The University does not comment on student judgment against the rules.

It was issued at the beginning of the new academic year as part of the "inappropriate practices that drew immediate expulsion from housing."

The list of 11 points also includes a ban on squatters and processed in the bedroom.

Fourth, in the list of behaviors that will affect the discharge, say: "Being caught in a close position (kissing or having sex for public places)".

Ms. Mazikana, who represents the student's gender roles, says the university has strict rules for those who have sex with the opposite sex.

For example, villagers are allowed to stay in the room and are not allowed after 22:00.

Ms. Mazikana said that banning a legal view of what to do with those who control students "is not satisfied with the way they are working at the university."

"If they say something rational, they will not put condoms in the hotel and stay in the clinic, but ... kissing and hugging - there's nothing injustice about this."

The Zimbabwe National University Student Union (Zinasu) says college management has a habit of creating unofficial rules without consulting with students.

The Federation has filed a lawsuit against the prohibition of kissing campus, Zinasu Maposa said, referring to a project focusing on Africa's program.

There are strict laws that interfere with the student's right to demonstrate - presented in 1997 - causing fear of being denied.

The BBC's Brian Hungwe in Harare says students often force college officials not to touch children.

Beer was banned in college over the past seven years, which proved to be very disappointing.

How to contact friends at school at college

You may create a new group of college friends but chances are that you will miss your friends from home - even if they are still at home or going to school. After all, you probably know them for years and spend most of your old years with them. They are your original team!

It may be hard to live far away from people you like to spend time, and phone calls and odd message messages do not cut it. So, how can you maintain your friendship while you live far away? Follow our simple tips below

Establish a social media group

If you have a group of friends in school, instead of each friend, group discussion is a good idea - whether it's a WhatsApp group, a Facebook group, or even an email group. This way, no one felt they were missing because you all saw the whole message. On the contrary, if you are a leader, you may have a sense of consistency! Find out what works for you and your spouse.

Visit each one
You do not have to worry about returning home for a holiday, but it may be a long time during a holiday break, which means you will not see your friends at home for the same month at the same time. Why not plan a few times to visit and travel to find friends from home over time? Meet them in the middle and have a night in a new city or a new city together, or take time to visit each other in your pupils. Money for others is you have met their new friends and put the face you hear about.

Choose an annual holiday to meet

One way to ensure that your school or university friends at least once a year is to make everyone fall on the first day of the year you share. The Christmas anniversary can be a good idea, because you will all be home from your university town to visit your family. Bank holidays are another great alternative to no provisions. On whatever date you decide, follow it!

Write them letters
This may seem old, but many studies have discovered that people know the time and effort to be sent to anyone sending them a letter rather than an email. The written text in your hand is more personal. So, put a pen in paper today and surprise your best friend with the letter. Do not let your letter be too long, as you will put pressure on the recipient to write the same message, and may give them the answer - not just two words!

Share a music playlist or set up a book club

If you're related to music, how better is it to connect with your friends with a shared list? Both of you can add your new song as an advanced year, keeping up with what your friends enjoy while offering your own advice at the same time. If you have a lot of books, make a book between you and your friends - then you can read the same book at the same time and discuss it later.

University freshers certainly friends for life

The Leeds Primary 1st Year students are bound to progress to a decade.

These older people have discovered their unhappiness about mutual benefits, including alcohol, as they use more drugs than they have and snacks.

Psychologist Julian Cook said: "I spoke of this show as a child, Dick and Dom In Da Bungalow, and surprisingly it has become another one to see it."

When Joanna Kramer knew that she and her neighbor in Byron Bay within three months of each year during his unemployment, it became clear that their friendship was written on the asteroid.

She said: "I may have been here for five days, but I can say that I have no doubt that these people I share my kitchen with my soul.

"In the 50 years, we all met to disturb Jagerbombs and remember the good old days."

Kramer then went back to the walk of the nightclub while reciting her name, of course and A level with an endless sequence of strangers.

Air strikes to solve everything

The United States' new air strikes on Syria will restore peace in the region without any provocations, garbage,

The goal of ISIS is to make democracy, women's rights and economically prosperous economies in the region later this month.

President Obama has called for no regional terrorist to be deployed in a safe place for the next two weeks.

He continued: "Only the way tried and tested to destroy the foundation, and it blew them from 30,000ft in the air.

"We have a lot of experience in this area, trust us .You do not go to war in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iraq or Iraq without learning anything.

"Best of all, our work comes with the prestigious five-year United States.

"In the unlikely event that your region will often fall suddenly in attacks and violations, we will return with you as many bombs as we can."

Friends 'Better Than Morphine'

"I am interested in endocrinologic chemicals called endorphins." Endorphins are part of our pain and joy cycle - they are the natural pain of our bodies and give us a sense of joy. "Previous studies have suggested that endorphins promote social bonding in both humans and animals. Socially, is a social relationship that creates a positive feeling when endorphin interacts with opioid receptors in the brain. This gives us the best chance we can get from seeing our friends.

'To test this theory, we are based on the fact that endorphins have a more powerful pain effect - more than morphine.'

The researchers used the painkiller as a way to evaluate the endorphin activity of the brain. If the theory is correct, people with large social networks will have higher tolerance to pain, and this is what their education is. Friends can also help the pain disappear!

Katerina commented: 'These results are also interesting because recent research suggests that endorphins may be damaged in psychological problems such as depression. This may be part of the reason that depressed people often suffer from discomfort and become withdrawn society. '

There are also two other observations. Both those who are bitter and those with high income tensions tend to have a smaller social network.

Katerina explains: 'It might be time-consuming - more time-consuming people to see their friends. However, there may be many interesting explanations - because physical and social activity promotes endorphin release, some may use exercise as an alternative to receiving their endorphin instead of society. Stress discovery may indicate that a large social network allows people to better manage stress or it may be the stress or reason that people have less time for social activities, reducing their network.

'Studies suggest that the quantity and quality of our social relationships affect our physical and mental health and may be our long-term determinants. Therefore, understanding why people have different social networking ranges and the relevant neurobiological mechanisms are important research topics. As a matter of fact, we have developed rapidly in an enormous social environment, but in this modern digital age, our social inequality may be one of the factors that has not lost interest in diminishing the health of our modern society.

How research has been carried out
Participants were asked to complete a two-way survey on the social network (approximately equal to those contacted at least once a week and once a month) and provide information about life and individuals. Then they performed a test involving squatting against the wall with a knee at 90 ° angle and back to the opposite (wall seat test). They were asked to take this position and to endure the discomforts possible. Even when allowing for differences in individual fitness, education finds that those who can tolerate this pain test for a long time are also likely to have a large social network.

Pakistani British Student Durham College Law School Examination

ISLAMABAD: Pakistani girls, admired from Mianwali's Namal Valley, secured their first competition in the 2017 Durham School of Law competition, which has been competing with hundreds of students from around the world.

Maham Malik, a former student at Froebel's Islamabad International Airport, once again brought the athlete to her school, where she made her a great grade, while the first seat in English in the country.

She moved to study the law at one of the fifteen UK universities, Law School of Durham in England.

Andman Hayward, a specialist at the University of Durham, said in a statement: "Celebrating Maham's success - it's a great achievement and a solid proof of your hard work in your education."

Durham University also awarded a small amount of money in addition to financial awards from the UK Law School, recognizing her hard work as the first woman to attend the annual college contest.

Asking about her motivation, Maham says it is her desire to become a lawyer and serve the country.

The Durham Law School is a global leader in legal studies and research, and attracts about 17,500 students of all levels.

According to data available on the college website, about 21% of students are not English origin, and there are approximately 150 staff members and students from around the world.

Girls shot along with Malala's head with Edinburgh University

It was Malala who grew up in the fidelity after the Taliban attacked her in October 2012 in an attempt to silence her. But Nobel Prize Winner - Nobel was not alone when she was attacked; Her friends Kainat Riaz and Shazia Ramzan were also shot.

Riaz and Ramzan - who at the time were 15 and 14, respectively - only got the exam and returned home to Malala when they were stopped by the Taliban.

"We were looking for him and then he shot Malala on his forehead. He killed me in my hands and shoulders, and Kainat's shoulder." Then he started shooting randomly, "Ramzan said in an interview with The Telegraph.

While Ramzan and Malala were shot in the forehead - were taken to hospital, Riaz went to her home in fear, and when it came up, told her parents that her son had been killed. She was talking about her fears and could not close her eyes.

The two girls were given medical attention in Pakistan, as their friends were treated at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in England due to complications. Fate did not get them money again when their return came with unprofessional actions, with neighbors and acquaintances treating them as being interrupted.

But they were cured at home.

However, 2013 has brought good news for them, once they were called by Malala, they went to the UWC Atlantic College in South Wales for education. They receive a 100% sponsorship and a United Nations-sponsored visa for Global Education Gordon Brown.

England, despite the challenge of refreshing from bad feelings and fears in the home, launches a new world for "Pakistan's Twins" that comes with a set of challenges. Never knew about tourism that never came from family members and different dishes.

Girls now devour pizza and passionately pasta and also biryani flavors made in a foreign city. "They try their best [to make biryani delicious]," Ramzan said.

The good thing, however, is that they are not discriminated against. Even though they visit the house twice a year, they are not separated. Riaz commented, "They called us Kainat and Shazia, not Malala's friends, we are famous in Pakistan, we are not special."

Interestingly, they also face the problem that most Pakistani people do when they move abroad: friends, friends and friends. "If I was wearing jeans and my friends [Pakistan] watching the pictures online, they said, you forgot your culture," Riaz said.

Last month, the girls had submitted an offer to Edinburgh; "Inshallah, [if] we get class."

Brown, who helped them earlier as again, once again helped them find a source of funding.

Two young girls find Malala for inspiration; She remembered them well. Even though they are in internet, they can not meet often. All three met Eid in Birmingham last year.

In her speech, Malala mentions two people by their names. "I'm not the only one, I am a lot of people. I'm Malala, but I'm still Shazia. I'm Kainat," she declared.

For his future, Riaz and Ramzan intend to study and return to their new home. Riaz explained, "Now I think about all girls, I need to stand for them," while Ramzan vows to help you whatever you can.

Empowering women and girls in Pakistan

Pakistan is ranked the second worst country in the world for gender equality in the second consecutive year. The World Economic Forum says Pakistan has a 143-degree disadvantage with 0.556 points of research. In developing countries like us, instead of enabling each individual's potential, many face a dilemma about what women need to do. But for now, the United Nations' theme for International Women's Day has introduced an advertisement called "Be Bold for Change" and CIRCLE to build on this topic to encourage Pakistan to voice and raise the voice of gender equality.

The CIRCLE presentation is a social organization focusing on the economic empowerment of women with a mission to develop and empower women's entrepreneurship and leadership. They use the most interesting way is their idea of ​​investing in women is today's modern economic business! As women grow, happy families and nations are advancing.

On March 8, CIRCLE held a conference meeting at Alliance Francaise in Karachi to make youth a symbol of social change. The six women are: Founder Sheops Nadia Patel Gangjee, founder of Goats For Fariel Salahuddin, Co-Founder Sehat Kahani Dr Sara Khurram, Amna Chaudhry Part of Girls at Dhaba Group, Misha Founder Misha Rizvi Productions and Sadaffe Abid founded their CIRCLE pitched initiative to encourage others. In addition, CIRCLE has also launched a chapter in 6 universities across Pakistan to provide youth production to #BeBoldForChange and support women's empowerment. Universities including NED, Habib University, LUMS, UET Faisalabad, Lahore School of Economics, Lyceum and COMSATS.

Speaking to the audience, DrAyeha Khan, Executive Director of Acumen, advised the women, "Women need to be brave, they need to think seriously." The event ended with personal interviewing and #BeBoldForChange - making women more responsible for leading their company through legal process!

The winner, Emmy Misha Rizvi, said, 'It is best to spend the evening talking about a clear procedure for gender equality, to accept personal commitment. The CIRCLE event helped me set my filmmaking goal to tell stories about women. Diversity in this room is a very interesting thing, where many men are aware of the gender security of the system and have promised to be part of them.

CIRCE launched this March as 'Strong, Strongest Women of Pakistan' Advertising with Pakistan's Human to:

1) Show the world of strength, creativity and desire of Pakistani women.

2) Create a role model for young women in Pakistan and beyond

3) Inspire men and women to support women's progress so that Pakistan can be achieved.

Join CIRCLE in the voices of the 13 women they emphasize by sharing their courageous stories in social media using #CelebrateHer - Tell the world about Pakistani women!